Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dream Scheme Thursday

This week is a color challenge from Lee. LOVE the colors - Lime Green and Gray. I can't wait until I can get to my "stuff" again so I can create some of the ideas that are running around in my head!

But until then............

Here is my current creation

First I pasted LJ911 Gears with Dreamweaver white matte paste on dark grey paper and again on off white paper.

Once dry, I stenciled silver pigment ink from the Splendor Antique pad onto the image on grey paper. Then I stenciled one gear on the off white paper with the lime green pigment ink from the Splendor Magic pad. This one I cut out. I wanted a small silver brad to attach the lime green gear and the ribbon to the front of the card, but I could only find a white thumb tack. The tack surface was rubbed with the silver pigment also.

This angle makes it easier to see the silver pigment.

Once assembled, the silver half pearls were attached to the center of some of the gears.

I am sure you will find many interesting interpretations of the color theme on my fellow Dream Teamers blogs. Check them out!! See you next week.....

Friday, September 9, 2011

New Winner

The winner that was randomly drawn was a Woodware DT Member, so isn't eligable. So back to and the winner is.....Janine. I have posted on her blog that she won. Hope to hear from her soon!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Across the Pond Blog Hop Winner

My winner from is Siobhan Fyffe who said...

I think this week has been amazing for all the different ideas! If this is your first time using the stencils on wood ...then you have done a pretty good job!! It's amazing how those dots just make the whole thing come together .. it's definately in the detail!
September 2, 2011 11:49 PM

Congratualtions Siobhan!!! We appreciate your input and glad you were able to participate.

Please email your "snail mail" to so we can get you some new stencils to play with. Hopefully you try one of the many fabulous projects the hoppers came up with.

Thanks so much to EVERYONE who commented.
Come back and visit all the blogs again for more fun ideas with Dreamweaver Stencils!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Day Six of the Hop Across the Pond and Back!

It's tough to follow so many creative people!

When we were all bouncing the idea of a blog hop with Woodware UK, I immediately thought they were a "wood" crafting distributor. That was the wrong idea. I went to their website (hope you all have too) and found they carry LOTS of fun embellishments. Unfortunately for me, I already had wood in my mind.

So.......since I have never done anything with stencils and wood, I decided to give it a try. I must say, it may not look as polished as many of the other projects, but I LOVED doing it! I just happened to have a set of boxes that fit the bill. I started with the next to smallest size.

When I first got the boxes I had in my mind to paint them in some sort of distressed look. I kept this idea by first painting the box with green acrylic paint. Then painted over the green finish with a fairly dry sponge brush and brown paint.

Now that I had the paint finish like I wanted it, the challenge was which stencils to use and how to do them. I love the large flourish LJ 896 Large flourish. I wanted a rough or distressed look to the stenciled image so I sponged acrylic paint through the stencil directly onto the box. I found that acrylic paint, wet or dry, washes off the stencils very easily.

The flourish looked a bit lonely on my box....this is when I decided to add the butterflies. They were sponged onto the box with acrylic paint also.

Once they dried I thought they looked a bit flat, so I stenciled some gold pigment ink onto the bodies and wings. This made them "pop".

To finish, the dots on the stenciled flourish were highlighted with yellow gold dimensional paint.

Only 5 more boxes to go!!
I really enjoyed participating and hope you all enjoyed the fun ideas everyone came up with. Until next time...............