Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lose some weight!! Also known as CAS (Clean and Simple) week 5

This week I'm featuring another new stencil that was introduced at CHA this month.
First I dry embossed LL3037 the Butterfly.  Then added color by using the Embossed Strie' technique.
Then I dry embossed the new LX7025 background and brushed color on it. 
Finally I put the butterfly stencil back over the embossed image and placed the background stencil over the top of it.  Stencil color over both stencils to create the pattern.
Make sure to visit the rest of the group for less "weighty" ideas!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lose Some Weight! Also Known As CAS (Clean and Simple)

This weeks CAS is also featuring one of the new stencil images from CHA.

I started with the new giant flower LX7024.  Use Pearlescent stencil paste and Pearlescent paper.  LM2010.  Paste the image using the LM2010 Paste Spreader.

FYI - This is the most fantastic invention for giant stencils.  It really makes spreading paste SO much

Then heat from underneath the paper.  This makes the paste bubble in a more uniform way.  Rather than having paste that looks like popcorn, you will get a much more smooth effect.   Both are gorgeous, but for this project I like the result from heating underneath.

 Don't miss any of the CAS samples from the group this week!  See you next week.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

CHA Release!!

Welcome to Dreamweaver's CHA Release Week! This week and next the Dream Teams will be posting sneak peeks of our newest designs...STENCILS AND DIES! The teams have had so much fun stretching their creativity to show you the most inspiring ways to use these new products. If you just can't stand to wait until your local stores get these in, you can order online from Stencil with Style!

Today I used the new elephant stencil, and the Embossed Strie technique.  Darken the eye with a black marker and highlight the tusk with a white pen and done.
Quick, simple and with all the cuteness needed for a 2 year olds birthday card!

Check out the rest of the teams sites.  One or more have a sneek peek at what is to come during CHA this week!!


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Lynell!!

Did you know that we're celebrating the Queen's birthday this week? Well...the Queen of Stencils, Lynell Harlow, that is. Actually, her birthday is on Saturday, but we're surprising her by posting birthday cards in her honor today. Nothing like making you feel OLD sooner than necessary, right Lynell? You'll even see a few familiar names in our lineup, as some of the teaching team are whooping it up for her as well.
In addition to our birthday party, we are also beginning a new year and a new monthly challenge. In honor of all those resolutions we hope to achieve, our challenge is "Losing the Weight...AKA Clean and Simple (CAS)". If we all try really hard to simplify our design-work without losing our creativity, we can all say at the end of the month that we've lost some weight! Maybe not off of our waistlines, but at least off of our cards! Gotta start somewhere!

To celebrate Lynell's happy day and keeping with the CAS theme this month, this is what I came up with: 
Start with the Jumbo Happy Birthday Stencil, LJ920.
Paste with Matte White paste on black paper.  Remove stencil, cover with Ranger Distress Powders.   Tap off excess.  Heat.  The paste will bubble first, then as it heats the powder will melt and become dull and shiny at the same time.

Matt onto burlap that has been frayed at the edges.  And quick and easy, clean and simply finished!