Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holidays in a hurry!

Sorry about my last week's post.......I forgot to hit publish (it's a blonde thing)

This week I am sharing an accident that turned out better than the original idea.

On a heavier cardstock, paste LX7016 Season of Joy:
with Pearl paste.

Sprinkle a bit of crystal glitter on the star, trees, and verse.

This is where the mistake came in; I was in a hurry to finish my moms birthday card.  Did the same steps as above, but with a flowered stencil.  Do to my rush I started heating it from underneath.  What I found was the paste bubble more evenly through the thicker cardstock than it did from above or from beneath a standard cardstock weight.

So heat from underneath.  Watch it rise, I love it!!

(The picture does not do it justice.  It's much prettier in person)

Matt and done!  This stencil can be power stenciled if you use the LM 2010 Paste Spreader.
I can usually get four or five before I have to clean my stencil.  For the size of stencil, I thought that was pretty good.

Continue on to see more quick ideas (and sometimes not so quick).

MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS & Happy Holidays to you and yours! 

Looking forward to 2014.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holidays in a Hurry!

Hello everyone,
Just wanted to show you how I used my pieces I did for the November challenge.

I love how they complete my rooms!

Make sure you visit the group listed to see more fun quick ideas!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holidays in a Hurry

It's that time of year again.  Time to remember friends and family.  And enjoying the season......don't I wish.  It's the time of.....I should have started earlier......can't forget to......still need to...... etc!

I always have the best intentions this time of year but inevitably I forget something or someone.
This months theme is quick and easy.  Need a card in a hurry, we have ideas galore for you.

This week I started with LG 674 Oval ornament:

Paste with Red Glossy Paste.  Let dry.  Cut out.  Use a piece of Pine Tree decorative paper.  Attach Merry Christmas ribbon to front of ornament with double stick tape.  Attach ornament with double stick tape (three layers in the center of the ornament) to front of card.  Cut two slits one on each side of the tree bough.  Thread ribbon through slits.  Tie to top of ornament.  Done!

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