Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Black & White with a splash of color!

Well this is it for the Black & White with a blast of color.
I have these jewels that I've had forever, can never think of how to use them.

I figured out something to do with them.  They have become my blast of color!  Start with LL804 Big Dots

 Paste with Black Glossy Paste on white paper

Then paste just the flower from LG743 Stylized Dahlia
with Black Glossy embossing paste.  Let dry then cut out flower.
Cut dots down to 3 3/4 x 5.  Wrap ribbon around lower third of dot piece.
Mount dots on black cardstock.  Attach flower with foam tape.

Finally, add red jewels to flower petals.

Make sure you check out the rest of the teams blogs.  Leave your comments, we like to hear from you.

Watch for next months challenge, it involves glitter!  I love sparklies!

Make sure to play along.  Each month Lynell from Dreamweaver awards prizes!  I don't anyone who doesn't like free stuff.

Thank you to those who have been submitting their creations on the Dreamweaver blog.  You are so very creative.  Thank you for the inspiration.

See you back here next week!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Black & White with a splash of Color

Well I told you I'd give the owls a rest and I have. This week to end the month I decided to try something a bit different. I started with the stencil LL549 Tall Daisies
First dry emboss. Then with black pigment ink and stencil in place, add some black to the image. Make sure you have a light hand over the flower petals. Add some yellow and orange pigment ink to the flower petals for just a splash of Color!
Layer onto black and white music paper that also has that splash of yellow on the edges and ta-dah!! 
Quick and easy! Don't forget to check out the other blogs. Make sure you add your own creations to Mr. Linky on Dream it UP! See you next week with a whole new challenge.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I forgot......

But I hope you remembered, if you want to play along with us, you are NOT required to do both graduation and black and white. One or the other is fine. Link your creation to the Mr. Linky on the Dream It Up! blog before the end of May, and you could be one of two winners of these stencils:
Amsterdam Flourish

Black & White with a dash of color

I just can't get enough of those wise little owls!! This week I happened upon a great lime green wrapping paper. I had to make this my little bit of color. I decided the wrapping paper would be perfect on the graduation cap's tassel. First paste the cap and diploma image with Black Glossy Paste. Let dry and cut out both images. Attach a bit of wrapping paper to the tassel.
(I apologize for the picture. After several tries I gave up on trying to get it to rotate to the correct position). Once I decided on the dash of color I had to figure out how to incorporate the owl. So I pasted the owl with Black Glossy Paste. Cut out the small owl and have him holding the diploma while trying to fly with the graduation cap on. After assembling the images I didn't think the color on the tassel had enough umph!, so I added a lime green matte. This is the end result.
Stay week I promise to come up with something other than the owls and graduation theme!! Check out everyone elses blogs to get inspired from more than the wise old owls!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Graduation - Black and White and a bit of Gold POP!

-So.....have you ever been busy doing something, get distracted, forget to return until the next day........ well there ya go! That would explain me being one day late with my post - This week I used the owls again. They just look smart to me! This time I pasted him in black glossy paste. Then pasted the diploma from LL449 Graduation set with white glossy paste.
Cut out diploma and cut out the large owl. Place diploma in the talons of the owl.
Mount on card layers as shown.
Ta-dah! I love the clean and simple idea. Check out everyone elses blogs....some have a sneek peek of the new stencil images. I'll be featuring a new design next week. Until then, keep stenciling!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Challenge: Graduation/Black & White & Pop!

Wasn't it a wise old owl that said, YAHOO SCHOOL's OUT!! Maybe not, but that what my owls are saying. I did a quick, clean and simple card for those times when you need a card fast. I used Black Matte Paste over LL 3013 Owl Pair
Matt image over decorative paper. My paper was printed black on white on one side and white on black on the other. I used the black on white for the image matt and white on black for the card matt.
Cut 4 small triangles out of red paper. Position on owls to look like bow ties.
Quick and simple. Check out the rest of the blogs for more graduation inspiration!