Thursday, May 10, 2012

Graduation - Black and White and a bit of Gold POP!

-So.....have you ever been busy doing something, get distracted, forget to return until the next day........ well there ya go! That would explain me being one day late with my post - This week I used the owls again. They just look smart to me! This time I pasted him in black glossy paste. Then pasted the diploma from LL449 Graduation set with white glossy paste.
Cut out diploma and cut out the large owl. Place diploma in the talons of the owl.
Mount on card layers as shown.
Ta-dah! I love the clean and simple idea. Check out everyone elses blogs....some have a sneek peek of the new stencil images. I'll be featuring a new design next week. Until then, keep stenciling!!


  1. how this little guy is holding the diploma in his claws. Love the GOLD POP too!

  2. More wise owls--SOOOO cute! I love him with the diploma.

  3. This is awesome! Love how he's holding the diploma!