Thursday, December 30, 2010

Love in the New Year!

Happy New Year's Eve eve everyone!

This weeks challenge is Love in the New Year.
I have chosen to do a Valentines card with non-traditional colors

I don't normally use purple but.........
Once I had stenciled the Rose, red just didn't seem a good choice for the back ground. So purple it is!

To do the background on the main card front, I stenciled just the rose over and over with white pigment ink. Once it dried it looks lite blue. Then I pasted the verse in gold glossy paste.

I rough cut the heart by hand. Then edged all three pieces with Gold Brilliance pigment ink.
Simple but fun! Make sure you create your own "Love in the New Year" sample and post it on the Dream it Up Blog.

Happy creating!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday Dream Scheme

Technically it's still Thursday.....right?! I'm a bit behind. Finally figured out what I was doing. Had to thaw out, it's only 23 degrees right now.

Here is my Dreamweaver card for this Thursday. It is a free challenge so we could create whatever we like. I chose to do the faux cross stitch technique. I really like the way this comes out.

I'll have to give you directions in a couple of days. I'm off to finish wrapping presents. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Dream Scheme Thursday!

This week the challenge is blue and purple featuring Dreamweaver Blue Glossy Paste.

I am not a purple person so I have to step outside the box on this one. I wanted to create something where the colors (blue and purple) would blend from one to another.

I started with the LG691 Thank you stencil. The triple matching Thank you's were stenciled with blue paste. Once the stencil was removed I immediately covered the third "thank" with blue glitter and the third "you" with purple glitter.

Once the paste had dried I replaced the stencil back over the image. Then sponged glue pad over the first thank you. Remove the stencil and dust Perfect Fx powder #14 Purple Satin over the first "thank". Then carefully dust Perfect Fx powder #17 Navajo Sky. So the colors went purple fx, blue fx, blue paste, blue paste, blue glitter, purple glitter. This is my interpretation of fading from purple to blue back to purple.

Next I needed a background. I pasted LJ896 Large Swirl with Glossy Blue Paste. Once the stencil was removed, I pinched little bits of purple glitter and sprinkled it over the image.

Unfortunately, the photos don't do it justice.

See you back here next week with a new challenge.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Free Challenge

This weeks challenge is all up to us. I picked the Faux Cloisonne. I really love this technique because you never are sure what you are going to get.

I started with the Whale stencil. Paste with White Matte Paste. Let dry. Once dry, place stencil over image, stencil light blue and grey pigment ink over image. Remove stencil, cover with clear UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) tap off excess, heat with heat gun. Put Stencil over image and stencil dark blue pigment ink over image. Remove stencil and cover with regular clear embossing powder. Tap off excess and heat.
The speckled look on the whales back looks like the reflection of the ocean.

Now you try it!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday December 2nd Sketch Challenge

To kick off our Thursday Dreamweaver Challenges, we will be following a sketch idea. I became acquainted with sketch ideas when I started Scrapbooking. Sometimes it is easier to sketch out my idea for a page and then add the pictures and elements. The same is true for card making. If you get a layout idea, sketch it. A sketch you can use with almost any image in almost any color

To see the Sketch we were using for inspiration, visit the Dreamweaver blog.

This is my interpretation:

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Dreamweaver Challenge Tomorrow

Can you believe it's December first already. I'M NOT READY!!

Check back tomorrow for our Thursday card challenge.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's Thanksgiving Day and the first Dreamweaver Design Team's "Thursday's Dream Schemes".

Welcome to the Thanksgiving Day Parade of Christmas Cardmaking.

To kick off today's Dream Scheme, we are showing Christmas cards that are not traditional colors. No Red, No Green! Well I had to do one dot of red. How would you be able to tell which reindeer is Rudolph!!

Georgia has a card on her blog that inspired me to go a step further. Maybe a Wacko step further.

I love the Santa and Reindeer stencil, but I wanted more than just a silhouette look, so...........................

I dry embossed the image onto cream card stock. Then colored in details on the image with colored pencils using a magnifying glass!

Punch a circle in a post it note. Use the reverse on card front and sponge in a moon. Then cover the moon with the punched circle and stamp snowflakes over the whole card.

Because I didn't have the "Row of Houses" stencil, I tried to draw them using the picture in the catalog. (Good thing Santa was the main focus!! )

Color dust dark blue and blue gray ink around edged of card.

Rough cut Santa and Reindeer and gently dust outer edges with dark blue ink. Mount onto card front with foam mounting tape

I chose a mustard color snowflake paper to mount the card face on.

It only took three tries to get an image I was happy with. It was definitely a challenge, but fun. Try it sometime you want to create outside the box!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thursdays Dream Schemes, Thanksgiving Day Parade

On Thanksgiving Day the Dreamweaver Design Team will be kicking off our "Thursday's Dream Schemes" with the Dream Team's Thanksgiving Day Parade of Christmas Cardmaking. Make sure you pop by to view the team's creations...they promise to be fun cards sure to please everyone!

See you on Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Card Marathon Samples

Hey everyone!
It's that time of year again (actually a week past). For those who are not familiar with the marathon, I'll explain. Each year I come up with 6 card ideas, you sign up for class and pick one of the samples. Then at class time you will receive a kit to make 24 cards/envelopes of the card sample you picked. Most kits have all the stamping done, everything is cut, you just color and assemble. FUN!!!

If you can't make it to class, kits are available. If interested, email me for more information:

So here are the 2010 samples:

1) Reindeer
NOTE: The blue on the reindeer is created by coloring over the black image with dark blue water based marker, then applying Crystal glitter glue. If you do not color over the image the glitter glue will stay clear.

2) Santa

3) Wreath

4) Candle

5) Snowman

6) "Friends"
Girl and Polar Bear

Thursday, October 21, 2010

We had so much fun with the Blog Hop....we wanted more. How about all you?
Wendy has a contest happening, this time you have to create to participate. Jump on over to Wendy's blog for the details. Have fun and we'll be watching and voting on you this time.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Da-da-da-da-da-dddddaaaaaa!! (That is a trumpet announcing the winner)

So picked DooDuhh as the winner on my blog.

Please contact me with your Name, Address and list of products you want as soon as you can.
Your comment only listed a stencil. You also win a jar of paste and a tub of FXpowder.

Can't wait to hear from you so you can start creating with your new stuff!!

Thank you everyone for dropping by our blog hop. It was great fun.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blog Hop Cont'd

Okay it's a ridiculous hour of the morning but I had to get up to continue our creative adventure. So please excuse any typos!! Hopefully you have been leaving comments as you go through all the blogs, it increases your chances to win fabulous Dreamweaver products.

My first card is made using the LG 711 Rhinestone tree and White Glossy Embossing Paste. Once the paste was dry I added Stickles Christmas Red Glitter Glue. I added more dots across the bottom right side of the card with the glitter glue. I then outlined the tree trunk and some of the branches with Stickles Crystal Glitter Glue. (Click on the image to get a closer look at the Crystal glue)

Next I had some fun with LG 660 Boot

For this card I pasted the boot with Black Matte Embossing Paste and let it dry.
Then I placed the Boot stencil back over the image. On top of that I placed the LJ 896 Large Flourish over the boot and applied ink from a Palette Stamp & Stick Gluepad with a large dauber. Next I sprinkled FX10 Kiwi and FX12 Glacier over the swirl. I removed the flourish and taped around the top, heel and toe portion of the boot. Again daub gluepad ink over the areas and using a stencil brush, stencil FX15 Kimono Red over them. It's mounted on metallic red paper and then on a glossy faux alligator paper. It really makes the image POP!

My Aunt is turning 80 this week. She raises horse in California so I wanted to make her a special card that reminded me of her. This is the result:

For this one I dry embossed the front boot. Then covered it with LL 3003 Hot Air Balloon. Using my Picasso to mask off the lower lines of the balloon, I stenciled the color onto the boot. Once that was done, color was applied to the rest of the image using Spendor Pigment Ink Pad #14 Magic. For the second boot image, the stencil was then repositioned at an angle and color added the same way as above. This time it was colored flat with no dry embossing.

I enjoy the large open stencils, they are so fun to fill in with other images! So this leads us to my last card.

For this one I started with LJ 903 Large Open Fan. First dry emboss, then stencil color leaving the center almost blank. Next LL585 Romantic Rose was positioned over the fan (the fan stencil is still over image) and color was stenciled onto the fan through the rose stencil. Finally, with the fan stencil still in place I positioned a plain piece of cardstock over the fan lining up a point at the upper edge with a "spoke" at the base. A light dusting of color was applied to represent the folds of the fan. This was repeated ten more times to create the illusion of the folds.

I hope you enjoyed my contribution to our Blog Hop. Remember to win...... you must comment. The more blogs you comment at, the better your chances to win.

We want you to have the chance to win YOUR favorite stencil, embossing paste and Metallic F/X color... for each time you post along the hop, you need to leave a comment on the site where the newest creation is offered, then go to the Dreamweaver site here, choose the stencil you like best, identify it to us, tell us why it's your favorite, and how you think you'd use it. Just be sure you comment on each blog along the hop..make sure your comments count for winning! Information today...then October 1st you hop!

For each time you comment on different blogs, you need to choose a different stencil as a favorite, your favorite paste and your favorite Metallic F/X color...just in case you win more than once! At the end of the three days,each member of the Dream Team will choose a random entry to win and post it on their site by midnight of the next day October 4.

Hoppers are encouraged to comment once on each designer's blog throughout the blog hop. Each time you do so will give you one opportunity to win what's on offer at that blog. For an additional entry, you're invited to sign up to be followers of the Dream it Up Blog, right here. So, with eleven designers, this gives you the potential of twenty-two chances to win! All winners will be selected by, and posted on each designer's blog by midnight Monday.

This is the last day of the Dreamweaver Stencil blog hop. But not the last site. Hop on over to Wendy's Blog for more creative inspiration!!

Thanks for participating in the first ever Dreamweaver Stencil Blog hop!! It's been a blast.
For complete information on participating, please check out the Dreamweaver Blog.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blog Hop

OMG!!! I hope you are all enjoying the incredibly creative people participating in our first Blog Hop! I have been inspired to use products I don't usually use and dazed by the combination of products I would have never thought to use together!! Keep checking, there are three more of us chompin' at the bit to strut our stuff tomorrow. (That's a hint to the theme of a couple of my cards).

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dreamweaver Blog Hop

Hey everyone,
Tomorrow starts the first Dreamweaver Blog Hop. We are so excited to spark your creativity using Dreamweaver stenciling products.
Over the next three days you will "hop" to several blogs to see fun projects that you too can make.
At the end there will be a drawing. Someone will be the lucky winner of a stencil, paste and an FX powder. So make sure you post comments on all the blogs. Choose which stencil you like from the samples. Each blog will pick a winner. If you just want to order, you can do so through Stencil with All the winners will be posted on each blog the day after the drawing. At that time the winner will have 24 hours to contact the blogger and provide your name, address and stencil of choice. If there is no response a new name will be drawn.
The hop will begin at Dreamweaver's blog site, Dream it Up

So don't forget! Go to the Dreamweaver blog tomorrow, follow the list of blogs all three days and be inspired!!

(This is just a teaser image. Check back to see more!!)

Friday, August 27, 2010

More Dreamweaver

I finally was able to get a picture that shows off the shimmer on this card. I stenciled the image with Splendor pigment ink, then edged the image with Brilliance gold pigment. Simple, but I liked the way it came out.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dreamweaver Card

I've been working on this idea for awhile. This is the third version. The first two didn't go so well. I am happy with this one. In the last Dreamweaver goodie box, we received hat pins. I was determined to figure out a way to use them. I really wanted to create a pinwheel effect with the fern leaf LM2001 image. After pasting it in a circle. Then individually to create a circle I finally decided on this half fan look. The pins added a subtle accent to the fan effect. Let me know what you think.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I am so behind! Received a couple of notes from friends wanting to see new stuff on my blog. I will be working the next few days to get some new "stuff" up for all to see. Check back the begging of the week. Thanks for your patience.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Faux Cloisonne' class

Taught a stencil class last week using the Faux Cloisonne' technique. It was great fun. These are some of the projects we did in class. Everyone did a great job. I have to admit some of the students projects were much better than mine! Student surpassed the teacher.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dreamweaver Design Team

Recently I was chosen to be a part of a very creative group of women who are now known as the Dreamweaver Design Team (DDT). That is the reason I am now in the Blogzone.
We just finished our first challenge. Here is one the ideas I came up with.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This is a new adventure for me. Bear with me, it's a work in progress.
Check back, practice makes perfect!