Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Dream Scheme Thursday!

This week the challenge is blue and purple featuring Dreamweaver Blue Glossy Paste.

I am not a purple person so I have to step outside the box on this one. I wanted to create something where the colors (blue and purple) would blend from one to another.

I started with the LG691 Thank you stencil. The triple matching Thank you's were stenciled with blue paste. Once the stencil was removed I immediately covered the third "thank" with blue glitter and the third "you" with purple glitter.

Once the paste had dried I replaced the stencil back over the image. Then sponged glue pad over the first thank you. Remove the stencil and dust Perfect Fx powder #14 Purple Satin over the first "thank". Then carefully dust Perfect Fx powder #17 Navajo Sky. So the colors went purple fx, blue fx, blue paste, blue paste, blue glitter, purple glitter. This is my interpretation of fading from purple to blue back to purple.

Next I needed a background. I pasted LJ896 Large Swirl with Glossy Blue Paste. Once the stencil was removed, I pinched little bits of purple glitter and sprinkled it over the image.

Unfortunately, the photos don't do it justice.

See you back here next week with a new challenge.


  1. Awwhhh, Terrece...great minds and all that and I used the same stencil this week...BRRReathtaking!

  2. very pretty. I love the flourish and the many uses! Very cool!

  3. I think several of us like that flourish stencil. Nice job!

  4. very popular flourish this week!!! Were we supposed to use blue paste and the flourish stencil?? Just kidding! Beautiful card!!! I can't wait to meet you at CHA Terrece!!!

  5. I love how you faded the colors into each other, and switched from the shimmery F/X, to the Glossy paste, and then to the sparkly glitter. Great idea!

  6. Sooo pretty. This flourish is so versatile and always looks great.

  7. So pretty I love that flourish and the glitter!