Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blog Hop Cont'd

Okay it's a ridiculous hour of the morning but I had to get up to continue our creative adventure. So please excuse any typos!! Hopefully you have been leaving comments as you go through all the blogs, it increases your chances to win fabulous Dreamweaver products.

My first card is made using the LG 711 Rhinestone tree and White Glossy Embossing Paste. Once the paste was dry I added Stickles Christmas Red Glitter Glue. I added more dots across the bottom right side of the card with the glitter glue. I then outlined the tree trunk and some of the branches with Stickles Crystal Glitter Glue. (Click on the image to get a closer look at the Crystal glue)

Next I had some fun with LG 660 Boot

For this card I pasted the boot with Black Matte Embossing Paste and let it dry.
Then I placed the Boot stencil back over the image. On top of that I placed the LJ 896 Large Flourish over the boot and applied ink from a Palette Stamp & Stick Gluepad with a large dauber. Next I sprinkled FX10 Kiwi and FX12 Glacier over the swirl. I removed the flourish and taped around the top, heel and toe portion of the boot. Again daub gluepad ink over the areas and using a stencil brush, stencil FX15 Kimono Red over them. It's mounted on metallic red paper and then on a glossy faux alligator paper. It really makes the image POP!

My Aunt is turning 80 this week. She raises horse in California so I wanted to make her a special card that reminded me of her. This is the result:

For this one I dry embossed the front boot. Then covered it with LL 3003 Hot Air Balloon. Using my Picasso to mask off the lower lines of the balloon, I stenciled the color onto the boot. Once that was done, color was applied to the rest of the image using Spendor Pigment Ink Pad #14 Magic. For the second boot image, the stencil was then repositioned at an angle and color added the same way as above. This time it was colored flat with no dry embossing.

I enjoy the large open stencils, they are so fun to fill in with other images! So this leads us to my last card.

For this one I started with LJ 903 Large Open Fan. First dry emboss, then stencil color leaving the center almost blank. Next LL585 Romantic Rose was positioned over the fan (the fan stencil is still over image) and color was stenciled onto the fan through the rose stencil. Finally, with the fan stencil still in place I positioned a plain piece of cardstock over the fan lining up a point at the upper edge with a "spoke" at the base. A light dusting of color was applied to represent the folds of the fan. This was repeated ten more times to create the illusion of the folds.

I hope you enjoyed my contribution to our Blog Hop. Remember to win...... you must comment. The more blogs you comment at, the better your chances to win.

We want you to have the chance to win YOUR favorite stencil, embossing paste and Metallic F/X color... for each time you post along the hop, you need to leave a comment on the site where the newest creation is offered, then go to the Dreamweaver site here, choose the stencil you like best, identify it to us, tell us why it's your favorite, and how you think you'd use it. Just be sure you comment on each blog along the hop..make sure your comments count for winning! Information today...then October 1st you hop!

For each time you comment on different blogs, you need to choose a different stencil as a favorite, your favorite paste and your favorite Metallic F/X color...just in case you win more than once! At the end of the three days,each member of the Dream Team will choose a random entry to win and post it on their site by midnight of the next day October 4.

Hoppers are encouraged to comment once on each designer's blog throughout the blog hop. Each time you do so will give you one opportunity to win what's on offer at that blog. For an additional entry, you're invited to sign up to be followers of the Dream it Up Blog, right here. So, with eleven designers, this gives you the potential of twenty-two chances to win! All winners will be selected by, and posted on each designer's blog by midnight Monday.

This is the last day of the Dreamweaver Stencil blog hop. But not the last site. Hop on over to Wendy's Blog for more creative inspiration!!

Thanks for participating in the first ever Dreamweaver Stencil Blog hop!! It's been a blast.
For complete information on participating, please check out the Dreamweaver Blog.


  1. Terrece you did a great job as usual I thought there were going to be horses but I love what you did with the boots I also love the tree but by far my most favorite was the fan, I just love the way it looks so soft
    like it's just sitting there waiting ti be picked up.

  2. Love the cowboy boot! I would love to have the cowboy boot stencil, matte black paste and any f/X glacier. My horse friends would love cards made with the cowboy boot!

  3. Your cards are all inspiring! I really love the Rhinestone tree stencil and what you did with it. I think I have found a new stencil for a favorite! The second card is brilliant the way you tied the black glossy boot with the fake leather mat layer. Thank you for the great ideas. My favorite stencil today (thanks to you) is the rhinestone tree (LJ711) white glossy paste and red metallic FX.

  4. Wow -- love your stenciling techniques,particularly on the fan card -- the addition of the lines for the fan folds really makes the image come alive. My favorites for here are: LJ896 Large Flourish,Glossy White embossing paste and Moonstone F/X.

  5. Ahhh, so that's how you did the two boots! Love what you do with the open stencils! Your Aunt will love her card! If I win I would love to have the pine cone stencil LG675, some copper embossing paste and Amber Glow metallic f/x.

  6. Wonderful ideas and techniques. The pair if boots using the balloon pattern overlay was very clever!

  7. I really love what you did with the boots, but the fan captured my heart. Wonderful! If I am lucky enough to win, I'd love to have LG673 Holly Tree, Glossy Green paste, and Kimono Red FX.

  8. Hi Terrece!

    All the cards are great, as usual. Sure doesn't look like any creative block here! Love the dimension of the faux folds...great effect! If selected I'd like the LG840 Peacock bkg. I love the details of that stencil. I would also pick the white glossy paste and Purple Satin F/X. The stencil and F/X would be used to make backgrounds for many type of occasion cards. If I'm lucky enough to be selected on one of the other DT's blogs I'll win the peacock stencil....if not, it will be on my "Hafta Get" list for sure! Thx. for the chance to win some goodies!

  9. Sometimes simple or "plain works best. I love your cards. They really let the stencil speak for itself. Your Aunt is lucky to be receiving such a wonderful card.! I would like to play with the large sleigh stencil to make some Christmas cards. I would also like some glossy red paste and the navajo sky mica.

  10. Love the boots! I can't find my boot! UGH You did great things with it!

  11. These are great. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Great cards!! THe boots are all fantastic!! And your fan is stunning!

  13. Oh wow, great inspiration and ideas to use other stencils as decoration! My favorites right now are LL 518 Vertical Butterflies, regular Embossing Paste, and Pixie Blush fx.

  14. Love these cards and the techniques. I'm sure your grandmother is going to love the boots card. My choices, if I win, are:LL397 Crystal Snowflake, Glossy White Paste & FX09 Pixie Blush. I would use this stencil for winter and/or Season's Greetings Cards, gift cards/bags and ornaments. I would definitely use the paste and glitter to have the snow flakes stand out. Linda E.

  15. Wow, Terrece!!!! I have never thought of using other stencils to embellish one!!! Thanks for the awesome ideas!!!!! The boots are outstanding! Just fabulous! Thanks for your innovative ideas!!
    I would choose LJ896 and use it mostly to embellish the images for cards!

  16. Thanks for posting these cards. I was wondering how to use the fan. Love the way you combined the stencils. My faves are Wrought iron LG84, cocoa/fx and black paste.

  17. Wow, your cards look great! I have always liked the rhinestone tree stencil and seeing it used here reminded me that I do not have it. So my choice would be for the LG 711 Rhinestone tree with the metallic copper paste and the kimono red fx. I have lots of ideas for this stencil, and I am thinking it would make both a great fall or winter card.

  18. Wonderfully creative use of layering stencils and a good explanation. I've been wondering how to do that! :) Thanks for explaining.

    My picks: Matte Black embossing paste, FX01 Gold Dust & LG625 Flower & Leaves

  19. Oh! That boot on the alligator paper is the belle of the ball! Fabulous!!!

    FX13 Sapphire
    4 oz. Dreamweaver Glossy Black Embossing Paste (DGKP)
    LM 239 Happy Birthday 2

  20. I really like how you used the rhinestone tree! Very nice!

    LJ 900 Branch and berries
    Dreamweaver Glossy Red Embossing Paste (DGRP)
    FX06 Eye of the Tiger

  21. Terrece, what a great way to use the fan and rose stencil . . . gives me a few more ideas to work on. Loved all your cards.

  22. Wow wow WOW!!! Those boots are WICKED!! Love the pink flourish girly boots...but would really enjoy seeing some rough tough Texas cowboy wearing them! Your fan is simply beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration re shading the lines...wish I could come to some of your classes!!