Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Card Marathon Samples

Hey everyone!
It's that time of year again (actually a week past). For those who are not familiar with the marathon, I'll explain. Each year I come up with 6 card ideas, you sign up for class and pick one of the samples. Then at class time you will receive a kit to make 24 cards/envelopes of the card sample you picked. Most kits have all the stamping done, everything is cut, you just color and assemble. FUN!!!

If you can't make it to class, kits are available. If interested, email me for more information:

So here are the 2010 samples:

1) Reindeer
NOTE: The blue on the reindeer is created by coloring over the black image with dark blue water based marker, then applying Crystal glitter glue. If you do not color over the image the glitter glue will stay clear.

2) Santa

3) Wreath

4) Candle

5) Snowman

6) "Friends"
Girl and Polar Bear


  1. Now what a FABULOUS idea this is Terrece!! All the hard work done, for card makers to just put their finishing touches on...WTG!!

  2. OK Terrece...I don't think you should spoil your students like that...makes the rest of us look lazy! Lol!
    Wish I was close enough to come play with you and your class.