Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lose Some Weight! Also Known As CAS (Clean and Simple)

This weeks CAS is also featuring one of the new stencil images from CHA.

I started with the new giant flower LX7024.  Use Pearlescent stencil paste and Pearlescent paper.  LM2010.  Paste the image using the LM2010 Paste Spreader.

FYI - This is the most fantastic invention for giant stencils.  It really makes spreading paste SO much

Then heat from underneath the paper.  This makes the paste bubble in a more uniform way.  Rather than having paste that looks like popcorn, you will get a much more smooth effect.   Both are gorgeous, but for this project I like the result from heating underneath.

 Don't miss any of the CAS samples from the group this week!  See you next week.


  1. Great job pasting that large flower Terrece! The pearlescent paste is beautiful with it!

  2. YES! The paste spreader is the answer for paste-embossing such a large area!!! Beautiful done with the pearlescent paste!

  3. Love this card, and so gorgeous in person!