Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's Dream Scheme Thursday

I lost the month of June! Sitting in a classroom (actually several) seemed endless, yet the month went by REALLY fast. I'm finally out of training and into my new job. Now I just have to get into my new routine!

What better way to begin than to be creative!!
I believe this is a free week so........... in honor of my new state of residence, I have decided to use two cards I made in a class that Lynell taught at Stamper's Warehouse a couple of years ago.

I chose these two cards since I have seen Elk in the canyon I drove through to get to SLC, UT for training and a Moose actually ran up my dad's driveway a couple of weeks ago.

This technique is the same as the total glitter and tac paper technique EXCEPT - you use flocking instead of glitter on the main image.

Start with a piece of Tac, double stick tape cut approximately the same size as the stencil you are going to use. Remove one side and attach to a piece of cardstock.
"Soap" the back of your stencil. Remove the other protective cover of the tack paper and set your stencil on top of it.
Cover the stencil area with flocking (I used Dark Brown, Tan and Yellow on my two projects). Tap off excess. Remove stencil and cover remaining Tac paper with ultra fine Prisma glitter.

and "Ta-Da" a woodland creature (or whatever you choose to do).
I had great fun going through my samples. It has inspired me to do new ones! Stay tuned next week for something all new.
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Until next week........ Happy Stenciling!!


  1. CONGRATS on settling into this new phase of your life Terrece...FABULOUS cards!!

  2. WELCOME BACK TERRECE {{open arms}}!! Love your cards. I live in Western Montana and am a lover of all the wonderful outdoorsy stencils. Great job with the animals and the flocking. I am glad your life has calmed down a bit. Have a great day!

  3. Welcome back T... these cards are as usual fabulous. Glad your done with training and are back to life. Hey how early do you have to get up for your new job LOL.?

  4. Awwww...those creature stencils are wondeerful done up with the flocking and the double glitter technique. Makes me want to travel to Western Wyoming or Montana and visit with you and Wendy.

  5. I really like the flock used in the double glitter technique--it is particularly appropriate for these wonderful stencils! That elk is gorgeous.

  6. VEry the wild animals! beautiful

  7. So glad that you were able to play this week. Love your tribute to your new aren't going to see many moose in California! The flocking is perfect for this.

  8. Welcome back and welcome to your new home. Glad to have you back Terrece. The flocking is great.

  9. Glad the training is behind you and your life will be a little less hectic. I love the moose with flock - it's the perfect combination.

  10. I love using flock with the animal stencils. You did a great job, they are wonderful!