Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dreamweaver Free Week

Hello All!
I can't wait for this weekend when I get to play and create. I'll finally have some new creations for you to see on my blog.
But for's a free week this week.
The following is an old card, but one of my favorites.

To do this I used the white matte paste over the pumpkin border stencil. Let dry, place the cleaned stencil back over the image and stenciled color onto it with pigment ink.

Funny thing, as I was taking pictures I noticed I had missed stenciling color over one of the leaves. Never noticed it before (I made this at least a year ago!).

Look close and you'll see it. Looks like I better fix it before I send it out.

Don't miss all the other blogging creations! I'll have something new and fresh for you next week.

Till then................
Stay safe and warm. Thank you all for your continued support of mine and my fellow Dream Team blogs and especially for your support of Lynell and Dreamweaver Stencils!! Make sure you keep stenciling!!


  1. A wonderful Fall creation! If you hadn't shown us that leaf I don't think I would have noticed...LOL!

  2. Hey T.. I love your post this week it's so colorful and Fall looking. I was at the Pumpkin Festival last weekend and this reminds me of all that wonderful pumpkin stuff they had. Hope your doing well, I miss you.

  3. Such BEAUTIFUL shading Terrece...lovely card!

  4. Great card Terrece, I just love fall cards. These pumpkins are one of my favorite stencils. I agree with Lynell, I never would have notice the leaf if you hadn't pointed it out!

  5. Beautiful coloring and shading on this! I don't think I would have noticed that leaf if you hadn't pointed it out! Good strategy! It makes people take a second and third look at your card.

  6. Beautiful job coloring! Love it! very lovely!

  7. What great coloring you did here. Such a perfect fall card!