Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's the 8th again!!

Hello everyone,
I finally have my computer back....YAHOO!!!
So I'll be posting each day to catch up. This was the post from the 8th. See you Monday....

This week in celebration of getting the Christmas Tree up AND decorated, I decided to share a card I made for the submission for the DreamTeam 2012. I really had fun doing it and it ended up being easier than I thought.

First I pasted three images in silver paste on green paper, let dry.
Rough cut each one out. Fold two in half and crease. Fold the third with a loose or soft crease. Attach the two that you have made a hard crease in, to the back of the one with the soft crease.
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Attach the three trees to the front of a layered card.

Add glitter glue to highlight areas on the center tree.
Easy!! I shouldn't have said that out loud, my mom has put in her order for next years Christmas cards. I will definitely be starting this project in March!!

I'll be visiting my fellow Dreamteamers tomorrow evening to see what fun things they have come up with. I hope you do the same. Until next week.............
keep creating!

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