Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Fun

The month of July is full of Summer Fun. Fun like unusually hot weather, computer crashes and fun summer activities. Okay, so the computer crashing wasn't fun, but I'm back and playing catch up!

In thinking about what is summer fun to me, I thought of the gorgeous butterfly's that are everywhere here in the mountains. So that is the inspiration for last weeks card.

Start with LL591 Three Butterflies
Paste with White Matte Paste.

While still wet, gently press glitter onto image. I used light blue for the flowers and Halo Gold for the edges of the Butterfly wings. When paste has dried, tap off excess.

Reposition stencil over image and add color to the stems and butterfly wings.

For this week, I was inspired by the upcoming county fairs. Baked goods, 4-H and the carnival. It all reminded me of when I was younger and would go the the fair with my grandparents. My grandma never went anywhere without her apron on.

So this one begins with LG736 Apron stencil
First dry emboss it. I used a textured paper to give it more depth. Remove Apron stencil and cover with the LG644 Cherry Blossoms and paste with pearl paste. Remove stencil and let dry.

Cut out apron. Outline image along the dry emboss lines with a fine tip black pen.
I mounted it on my card with 3-D foam tape.

Make sure to visit all Dreamteams Blogs for more inspiration. Participate on the Dream It Up site to win free stencils!!

And check out Paper Craft Planet this month. The Dreamteam will be posting tutorials. Pick up some new tips or refresh the old ones!! See you next week.

Until then, keep stencilin!


  1. Two cards! You've been busy! They are both lovely creations. I especially like the apron with the cherry blossoms.

  2. Wow, I love them both!!! The butterfly one is just stunning and the apron is just darn fun!

  3. Your pasting on those butterflies is perfect, and the glitter is just gorgeous! Fun pattern you used on the apron. Glad you are up and running again.

  4. Great cards Terrece! I really like how the apron turned out!

  5. Hey both of your cards especially the buterflies. Saw the picture with your family at the wedding on facebook love your new hairstyle it rocks.