Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mists, Drizzles and Showers

It is the other half of the teams turn to create under the April challenge theme.
I decided to use three stencils:
LJ905 Rain - Paste with Blue Glossy paste.  Make sure to flip stencil, so the rain is falling to the right rather than to the left.
Next, tape off all words except "Showers of Blessings" on LG738 Rain Words.  Paste this with Blue glossy paste.
Finally, paste JG 737 Umbrella with Yellow matte paste.

Once the umbrella has dried, replace the stencil over the image.  Stencil color on the tip at the top and on the handle.  Leave stencil on and place the rain stencil over the top.  Paste with Blue glossy paste.
Remove both stencils and let dry.

Once everything has dried, cut out umbrella, matte words and rain.  Add a touch of ribbon and assemble as shown.

Make sure you visit the rest of the team to see what creative ideas they have come up with. 
Alison Heikkila is again being featured as guest artist.
We are so excited to see our newest team members creations.....don't miss anyone!
You too can play along.  Just email your creations to Dreamweaver or add your blog to Mr. Linky on the Dreamweaver blog.  We love looking at new creations using Dreamweaver product. 
Till next time....................Happy Stenciling!!


  1. Beautiful card!! I always love a yellow umbrella! In fact, I have Really like how you did the rain and words in glossy... makes them look wet just like rain is should be. :o)

  2. Love the blue and yellow combo! I'm with Caroline on the yellow umbrella...such a happy color! Great post, Terrece!

  3. How could anyone mind the rain when they have a bright, happy yellow umbrella? Very cute! Love it. And even though I don't always see it, I've been showered with blessings in my life. That's a nice reminder!

  4. Absolutely darling Terrece! Love your colors and the cut out umbrella!

  5. Great combination of colors and choice in stencils! Love this card.

  6. This is so CUTE! I love the blue and yellow together. It makes a sunny card even if it's gloomy outside!

  7. great colours - they're so bold and really does feel like it's raining :)