Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mysterious and Magical - Week Two

I hope you enjoyed the first week of being spooked, mystified and magically transported to the land of Halloween and holidays? Hop on board the Dream Team train as we journey through all things Mysterious and Magical through the month of October. Our guest "engineer" is Miss Eerie herself, Alison Heikkila. October promises to be a very bumpy ride...

I decided to go "Magical" this week.  Dreamweavers Stencil LG705 - The Unicorn always makes me think of magical, mythical fairy tales.  So does the upcoming TV show "Once upon a time in Wonderland".  Creepy good..................I digress............
LG 705 Unicorn
I used the double glitter technique for this one.  Generally you do the image in a dark glitter and the background in crystal glitter.  I decided to reverse it.  I used the crystal and pastel colors on the pony and the dark on the background.
I added a lite gold to the horn and hooves.  Then lite pink glitter to the mane and tail.
I can see him flying through the nite sky of my imagination!

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  1. Beautious! Terrece, this is truly magical with the subtle glitter contrast!

  2. Very cool Terrece! Unicorns are definitely magical and mystical. I like your reversed colors too, it really sets the design off.

  3. Wow, Terrece! You nailed magical! This is beautiful! I love unicorns and a sparkly unicorn is the prettiest of all!

  4. Nicely done Terrece...right out of the pages of a mystical book - good job!

  5. I always forget about the unicorn stencil. I love how you've used it in these colors. Awesome card, Terrece!

  6. Beautiful card, the background looks like the galaxy which enhances the mystical look I think you were hoping for the unicorn. You nailed it....great job!!!

  7. SO magical! I love unicorns. I love alllllll of that yummy glitter that you used. Beautiful job!