Thursday, March 13, 2014

March Madness week Two

 Welcome to our "March Madness" challenge! Anything goes, and the more outside-of-the-box, the better. This year, we're aiming to play with non-traditional challenges whenever possible. So, break out all of your I-never-quite-knew-what-to-do-with-these-products stash, look at your Dreamweaver stencils in a whole new creative light, and get crafting! Oh, and don't forget to link those creations to the linkytool on the Dream It Up! blog for one of THREE chances to win the stencil of your choice! Need some crazy ideas?

Here is my madness for this week:
Since I live in the Wyoming wilderness, I decided to do something that would be from the area.
So I started with :
LG714 Elk
LG715 Moose
andLL584 Bison
Next cut 4 4x4 squares of white paper. Sponge color over the whole area.
Place stencil over square and stencil color onto it.
Place paper face down on a piece of laminate paper.  Cut leaving a 12 inch border.  Cut corners in a V.  Apply double stick tape to back of image. 
Cut 4 4x4 squares of cork.  Set image, adhesive side down onto cork.  Fold laminate edges over and TAH DAH!!!  You have a set of coasters.

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For those of you that are interested, check out the Dreamweaver blog to see how you to can join the creative team!!


  1. fantastic job, you're really amazing!

  2. Terrific idea Terrece! Great for camp decor too!

  3. These are terrific!! Love the earthy tones and animal images. I like these fellas a lot better on coasters than in my yard! Actually we do get elk...and moose are in the "neighborhood" (so to speak, for Idaho)....but the bison are over your way and not where I am. :) Great job on this project!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  4. great coasters and what a great idea using paper on a cork background!!! I luv the dream team - you learn new ideas all the time :), and your coasters are awesome.

  5. I should do this! we like this type of designs.hmm, thanks -con