Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's Dream Scheme Thursday

It's Thursday and this week is a "free" week so anything goes.

It seems the weather can't make up it's mind whether it is spring or still winter. This card seemed appropriate since we had rain again yesterday.

First I made the umbrella and handle out of cardstock. Attach to front of card.
Then I made a mask under the umbrella where I didn't want the rain.
Next place the raindrop stencil over the top and apply blue gloss paste.

LJ 905 Rain
Once dry I added the "Get Well Soon" with this stencil, blue paste and blue glitter.

LL382 Get Well Soon
Once that dried, I drew in the grass.
For a get well card, I thought it looked a bit cheery!

Hope this sparks a creative idea. Make sure to visit the other members of the dream team. They always have wonderful ideas and techniques to share.

Until next week.............


  1. What a darling card! Love the rain effect and the dry area under the umbrella. April showers!

  2. Love it. I can't wait to post some more of the new stuff! woo hoo

  3. This will definitely cheer someone up who is under the weather. Very well done, right down to drawing the grass by hand!

  4. Great card Terrece. I really like the addition of the grass at the bottom, a nice finishing touch.

  5. This is Lynell writing from Pam's computer at the NAMTA show in PHoenix. This is a darling idea for the umbrella and the rain drops stencil Terrece. I love your colors too!

  6. this one!!! I hope you are well Terrece!!!