Thursday, March 8, 2012

More Clean & Simple

Welcome back!
We are keeping with the clean and simple theme.
When creating C&S cards, I like to use decorative papers to give the cards more color. So most of my cards this month will have decorative papers on them.

This week I'm using my favorite heart and my infamous green sludge paste.

After pasting, remove stencil and sprinkle a little glitter over it.
Then add shading with a dark green marker. Make sure to shade on the same side of each line. Pick either the right or the left, but try to stay consistent.

Add felt leaves behind the heart. Mount with 3-d foam tape onto small square then onto green square. Mount that to decorative paper with 3-d foam tape then decorative print onto front of card.

Done! Quick and clean and simple!

Check out the other team members for more ideas. And keep posting along with us. We love seeing what you come up with.

Until next week............


  1. You make green sludge look fabulous!

  2. LOvely card Terrece...this stencil really goes the distance doesn't it? People can't get enough of it...thanks for the inspiration!

  3. perfect! Love the lines and it looks harder than it is! The perfect CAS!

  4. So pretty Terrece I love the colors!