Thursday, August 30, 2012

Christmas in August

For the final post in August I decided to do a hint of what we will be using next month as the challenge.

I spritzed a glossy piece of paper with Pink Lemonade Memories Mist. (That's the hint)

Then paste LG746 Star Dream Christmas Tree with Pearl Paste

While still wet, sprinkle glitter over the image. I used Art Institute Reggae mini set.
Take a second sheet of card stock, lay over top of image, press gently to set the glitter into the paste.
Let dry. Brush off excess glitter. Layer and you are done.
Make sure to check out the other Dreamteam members to get more fabulous ideas.


  1. Oh so pretty Terrece! Makes me want to start decorating the house for the holidays!

  2. Wow Terrece!!! this must have taken a bit of time! Gorgeous work!

  3. Very Nice Terrece! I like this version of using the glitter with the pearl paste.

  4. So pretty Terrece! You did a great job with the glitter!

  5. Ooh Sparkle and glitter my favorite kind of card. This is really fun. By the way loved all the cards you posted last week, so busy at work I just came home and vegged.

  6. Aren't you the cute and clever one? I love the tip about placing another panel over it to press the glitter into the paste. I always seem to lose glitter. Beautiful card, Terrece!