Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Fresh Start

Well this is the last week of our "fresh start" challenge.

I decided to use one of the new stencils that were released this month.  I LOVE IT!!!!

LX 7020 Leafless Tree
First dry emboss the image on white glossy paper.  Then with the stencil in place, brush over image with Dreamweaver Color Solutions Artist Grade alcohol inks.
Remove stencil and clean.  Next put three drops of Color Solutions (green, red, and orange) on applicator and apply to image at end of branches.  Quick and Easy!
Now if spring would only come so we could really see some color on the trees!
Dreamweaver is also making a fresh start with a new design team call.  If you are interested make sure you go to the Dreamweaver blog for more information.  I will be posting the call information in the next couple of days.  Good luck and happy stenciling!


  1. If I had this tree in my yard, I would definitely know that spring is on its way. It's just GREAT!

  2. Wonderful creation! Love the color solution usage to make those leaves Terrece.

  3. Just beautiful, Terrece! Makes me wish we could skip spring and summer and move straight to fall! Question: did you stamp or stencil some of the leaves?

  4. Love what you did with the color solutions! This is one of my favorites of the new stencils and you made a beautiful card with it!

  5. What a beautiful design! Great colors with the inks. This is a nice stencil and a great design you did.