Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tiny Treats!

This little cuties are using the same stencil I used last week when it wasn't my turn to post. 

Quick and easy, can be used for a place card, a gift tag or a little thank you for baby showers.

First I created my own paste colors by mixing white glossy with red glossy for pink and blue glossy for the blue.  The most difficult part of these tiny treats is finding matching paper.  I would suggest getting a few pieces of pink paper and a few of blue, then as you are mixing your paste color compare to the paper so you can match the colors closer.
(okay, I'm apologizing now for the sideways picture but I tried several times to get it to show up coreectly.  I'm just not computer savy enough!!!)

Next, paste a pink or/and blue ducky - or green or yellow for that fact.  What ever works for the party.  Matt onto colored paper and wall-la (insert yuk yuk here).

Make sure to vist the rest of team.  Not only those listed but others (incase they are so excited they post on the off week!!)

Until next time.....happy stenciling to you!!   

I apologize for all the corny comments, but I've been sick for almost 3 months - I am FINALLY feeling better.   I'll try not to be so silly (lie) next time! 


  1. Very cute gift cards! I love this rubber ducky too! I had to chuckle when I saw your post below about posting early... hard to not get excited with such a cute stencil!

  2. Very cute tiny cards, Terrece! Nice that you shared the info about mixing colors of paste. I'm so glad that you are feeling better!