Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dream Scheme Thursday

This week I am continuing the Pink/Red/White Valentine theme. I'm using the same stencils I did two weeks ago..LL567 Heart Swirls and LS1004 You&Me
Clean and simple:
Paste heart with Red Glossy Paste two times on background. Let dry.
Mix Red Glossy Paste and White Glossy Paste to create a pink color you like.
Paste a pink heart over the two red ones.
On a separate piece of paper, paste You & Me with pink paste. Let dry.
Cut slits on sides of You&Me. Thread ribbon through the slits. Assemble as shown.
Quick card (dry time with Glossy paste is pretty quick)

Exciting news......January 22 we will be featuring new stencil designs and samples every day until the CHA convention. Don't miss these new designs, they are fantastic!!!

Check out the rest of the design teams blogs for more fun ideas with stencils!


  1. Terrece,
    Love the use of the stencil 3x! Way too cool!

  2. T ... great way to use that stencil, I love the way you used it 3X. Hey how much snow do you have? I here we are finally going to get some rain.

  3. Oooo lala! That must have been a challenge...embossing paste on embossing paste whew! Gorgeous!

  4. You did a fabulous job with this card. How did you manage to layer paste over paste without the ooze factor? Looks wonderful!

  5. I like it! I aways have trouble with the layering of pasted items. You did a great job!

  6. What a wonderful card Terrece, and I love what you did with the ribbons!

  7. Pretty, pretty, pretty!! I love the layering of the hearts!!

  8. Your layered paste edges are so neat and clean. I've had mixed results, but will keep trying as it is possible! Thanks for show me it can be done.

  9. oh goodness! love the overlapping hearts! this is beautiful!